the world has gone mad!!

ok. it’s been a while. but the time has come for me to vent. i just realized three ANNOYING things today. for one, my faaaaaaaavorite perfume in the whole wide world–and the ONLY fragrance that I wear and have been wearing for the past 6 years–has been discontinued!!! it is called Ici, a french perfume….and i’d drop-kick somebody to get another bottle cuz mine is low now. *sniff.*

iiiin addition, Microsoft’s new Operating System, Windows Vista, is an utterly useless piece of crap. i mean, sure, it looks cool and all, but that’s just cuz it’s a bootleg style version of a mac. looks basically the same. mimics window pop-ups and transparencies. Windows tryna be slick with their stuff now. XP was just fine! in fact, XP is perfect! worst thing is that alllll the new computers that are coming out have Vista on em. greeeeeat. buy a new computer and get a crappy OS free. such joy. Even worse, i can’t even downgrade from Vista to XP because these new supercomputers are built just for Vista, so none of my drivers would work if I downgraded. *sigh*.

lastly, turns out stamps are 41 cents a pop now. damn government, messin up my mail system. maybe if they weren’t wasting money on a pointless war in Iraq, I’d be happy with my old 37 cents a lick. *shucks.*

In conclusion….What has the world come to?!!?! ….but not complaining. just venting. things could be worse. :/ :)


  1. Chin says:

    LMAO!!! I’m gonna agree with the stamp problem, it is madd annoying cuz now I got mail to send and the GOP is taking all my money for it!!!

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