he said he found the golden wrapper
as he crawled between my legs,
gently spreading my knees,
giving my panties a tease.
it was a confident tongue
that slipped them to the side
as i tried to keep captive
my trembling surprise…

see, he badly craved a taste
of my raspberry truffle
lightly dusted with a layer
of cocoa powder.
the cursive in his strokes
made his tongue a well-versed pen
as he licked
his signature
between my thighs…

my decadence
by the cadence
of my dark version of moans
and milk version of sighs,
my baby looked up at me
with mischief in his eyes.
the god
in his tongue
met the diva
‘tween my thighs,
making a smooth blend
of saliva
and Godiva
hinted by a kiss of rum,
as my sugared love
all over his tongue.

i smiled as he took pride
in his greedy appetite.
i swear he’d catch me in a bottle
and put me in his pocket
so he can take another sip
from my syrupy faucet
but what can a sista say…
i’ve just got that kind of chocolate ;)


  1. Khadi-Ann says:

    Im a HUGE fan of chocolate, since my nickname is Dark Chocolate!! Ecstasy released, in your mouth, not on your hand!!! :-P

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