The Color Of Your Eyes

You’ve never taken me to dinner
But you know how I taste
You can name all of my flavors
From my mouth down to my waist
I know the satin of your skin
And the strength of your thighs
But one thing I don’t know
Is the color of your eyes

Are they golden like your skin
Or brown like the earth?
Maybe green like summer leaves
Or gray like sullen clouds
Won’t you let me see them
For all their depth and glow,
Or will you keep them in the dark
So that I’ll never know?

Do you fear my own deep eyes,
Do you think they are black holes?
Are you afraid you’ll fall too deeply,
Scared of what I’ll come to know?
You won’t let my light fulfill you
To see those pupils grow
Wish they could dilate long enough
For me to peek into your soul

I know your every touch and kiss,
Each moan, sigh, and tremble
You know my every peak,
Have mastered my deep river.
You show me all your strength
But won’t let me see you weak
I find you only in the dark
But it’s your light that I seek

I knew you favored darkness,
It’s your favorite work of art
But I’ve hoped to change the canvas
To see what’s in your heart
I could fill your life with brightness
If you’d bring us past night skies
And let the sunrise show me
The color of your eyes.

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