Is this some kind of magic trick?
It seems real, but the fragments shift
I wonder if it’s fact or fiction,
or if I imagined it
I know I’m just beginning but I’m hoping I can master this,
conquer it, get my Ph.D., then teach a class in it
I feel just like a crack addict
I need to get this habit kicked
I try to get a grasp on it to find out what is happening
Afraid that it might crack and split in half if I now act on it
I’ll take your heart and fasten it to mine, I hope it has a clip
so I can try you on for size and make sure all your fabric fits

Imagine if the stars aligned, frozen in time
somehow synchronized like they were chosen in line
showing me the future where I’m hoping you’re mine
I’m love drunk and high like I’m on dope and some wine
you kiss me with your words on this fated flight
like we were destined to be here on this plane tonight
you whisper in my ear under faded lights
I float away as we evaporate to crazy heights
I wonder if we’ll be more than two strangers on a plane
is God sure I deserve you? have the angels gone insane?

You’re the lullaby in this sweet dream that I’m having
This feels like Disney magic,
intoxicated by your passion…
Anything can happen when you imagine.

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