Love Letters

He placed his thoughts between my lips
It didn’t take long to translate his kiss
His words weighed heavily on my tongue
like a parable unspoken or hymn unsung
His saliva an ink, his tongue a page,
his mouth became a well-versed sage
I tasted sweet words and swallowed them whole
as he kissed his love into my soul.

His love wrote songs of Solomon and psalms
as he held my face between his palms
Truly speaking in tongues, love in disguise,
even in silence, he sounded so wise
His thoughts were loud although unheard,
each kiss becoming a mouthful of words
We spoke a language with lips alone…
Couldn’t etch his love in the Rosetta Stone.

I tasted his love, sweet like ripe plums,
swallowed his voice, warm like white rums
He told me I was his Helen of Troy
Alphas and omegas spelled his joy
Hieroglyphs swarmed inside my cheeks,
ankhs giving life to his silent speech
Found in translation from reading his lips,
His thoughts were love letters, sealed with a kiss.

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