Alchemy Dream

I liked you for who I thought you were,
And stuck around for who I hoped you would become.
You were great in so many ways…
and then I met the real version of you.
Your aureate glow was a pristine mirage
but what seemed to be shining dawns
was merely a fiery night’s facade.
I could try in vain to make you pure,
to fabricate truth out of the obscure
but I’d be falsely following your yellow brick road
and as hard as I’ve tried, I can’t turn lead into gold

Hoping that you’d change was a bit extreme…
shame on me and my alchemy dream.

Are you gilded in gold, with brass in the middle,
or just glistening pyrite tricking my eyesight?
making a fool of me and my judgment,
all helium deflated and gravity restored
since space-traveling with you
has become a dream deferred
and your brilliant luster has long faded.
You gave me 79 reasons to believe you
but I was left with 1 main reason to leave you:
you’re all that glitters…but you aren’t gold
and I’m done looking for the philosopher’s stone.

Can’t alter a man’s well-stitched seam…
I’m cutting you out of my alchemy dream.

I thought my highly concentrated love
was enough to remove all your impurities
but no emerald formula could perfect your flaws,
and no Midas touch could work that kind of magic.
I can’t change who you are just to fit my needs,
but I also can’t put up with your bad habits.
The Jordan River only leads to the Dead Sea…
I need a drink from the Nile to rejuvenate me
I’m worth all of Egypt…you were just dead weight
You could never be the delta I deserve
when you had no business stepping foot on my oasis

I can’t turn saltwater into a fresh stream…
I face the truth as I rise from my alchemy dream.


  1. aj says:

    Alchemy dream to me is what happens in a lot of relationships. People only show you the good parts of themselves. Leaving you dumb-founded when they get relaxed and start being themselves. By that time you have fallen so deep for them that you try to hold on as long as possible til everything goes crashing down.

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