Kingdom Come

Your warm tongue feels like Sahara winds
whispering across the sand dunes of my skin,
leaving streaks of gold along my curves
gilding my body with your silent words.
Your soft mouth traces a path to my oasis,
where water flows deep in a calm fury,
a quiet storm
for a king to rule.

I can tell that you’re royalty
from every inch
of your highness…
Gods must be made in your likeness.
You’re a perfectly chiseled monolith,
from the grooves of your abs
to your obelisk
Your hands want to know how my pyramids were made
My land is holy ground, but I’ll be your slave
You crave my Nile, so deep and narrow
I’ll be your Egypt
if you’ll be
my Pharaoh

I taste the midnight of your skin,
dark and smooth, obsidian
My lips drizzle rain across your terrain
leaving constellations on your frame
I can see every star twinkle in Orion
as your sun rises above my horizon
The moon is full, your tide grows high,
your passion is near its peak
as your silver waters wait to breach
the shores
of your black sand beach.

The only crown you need is between my hips
A diamond mine with velvet lips,
come feel how well it fits.
Can’t wait to wrap my legs around you
and sit on your throne
hear each royal sigh, every regal moan
as I wait for you to reign
all over my body
as you become your majesty,
king of the Ashanti
Because only a queen can make your river run
Our souls immortalized
as I feel
your kingdom come.

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