Quantum Physics

You stare at me
through a looking glass
not knowing that I can’t be understood
when I can’t even find myself
when alone in a room

I’m bouncing around
against all walls and odds
trying to find my escape
from an unpredictable fate

how can i be in one place with you
when i’m in every place at once
I’ve lived and died a million times
I’ve seen so many setting suns

i’m the cat in the box
maybe soaking in acid
or playing russian roulette
in another universe

i’m split into halves
thrown into different worlds,
one where i don’t…
and one where i do

tell me, is this the version
where i end up with you?
I can’t tell…
too busy playing catch with twenty-two

can you predict my next move?
can you put me in my place?
tell me your theory
tell me if you win the race

because I can’t make up my mind
my choices hide in the stars
i may be here right now
but tomorrow i’m so far

so don’t try to solve me
or figure me out
just know that at some point
I had trigger in mouth
taking an express train
to a better known version
of me.

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