You froze after she broke your mold
Her stinging words turned you so cold
She didn’t know what it was like to love a man like you
…forgive her
She never understood the warmth within her
She saw smoke and heeded fire;
Does that make her a sinner?
She only ran for cover,
her fear planted from another
Just because she’s flawed doesn’t mean that you can’t love her
Now you need some space, so get some breathing room
Give yourself a chance to Thaw
because Time Heals All Wounds

You’re a beautiful tragedy
But she sees through your strategy
Hiding a flame inside an ice sculpture
A block too thick for her chiseled hands to puncture
She comes around you
And suddenly it snows
She whispers in your ear and icicles grow
There’s nothing she can say that could melt your diamond shield
she still hopes that you’ll yield but not a moment too soon…
She gives you a chance to Thaw
because Time Heals All Wounds

Years go by, your skin still slightly frosted
You remember her warm glow
And how she suddenly lost it
You cross her path again,
And she presses her lips to yours,
Your frostbitten tongue turning into rosy flesh
And you both rekindle a flame
that time simply needed to test
You learned that even arctic tundra can produce love’s sweetest blooms
Because you took the time to Thaw
and found that Time Heals All Wounds.

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  1. aj says:

    Time Heals All Wounds is just a couple who seems like they are madly in love but take a break for a while. When they reunite it’s like nothing has ever happened again. No animosity, anger, or hate is in the air. Just LOVE!

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