…he quenched my thirst for knowledge with shot glasses full of lies
that went down warm and sweet; seemed like molasses to my eyes
But shoulda known he tricked me, that he slipped me a surprise,
cuz he knew what he was doing, gave me whiskey in disguise
See, i asked him for the truth, served fresh and sweet like orange juice
but shoulda known he threw the truth out with the bitter peels of fruit
Because any truth that’s hidden is like apples made forbidden,
isolated and prohibited so Truth is never given.
He shot a hole through my heart and threaded me with a string,
pulling me along until i bled for everything
My cries were his smiles, my mistakes his suit of armor…
whatever made me weak only served to make him stronger.
All those lies he fed my soul simply kept me under control
while my belly was full of bullshit, my heart was left a hole
But now my eyes are open cuz i know his love ain’t real
took a year for him to tell me, to confess how he really feels.
Although it sometimes breaks our hearts, She proves to be a savior:
TRUTH, the best soul-sweetener no matter how bitter its flavor.

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