It’s Not Like

It’s not like I met him and thought he was cute
Or felt his touch from thousands of miles away.
It’s not like he was every thought and smile
Or the reason I was eager to get on a plane.
It isn’t as if he gripped my heart in some love locked fist
And convinced me that maybe he was worth fighting for.
It isn’t like I admire his mother
Or chat often with his four best friends.
It’s not like we toured a couple cities
Or had cute nicknames and inside jokes.
It wasn’t even close to being like a Disney movie
Or like I wore a necklace or hugged a bear.
It’s not like I envisioned our future
Or cherished each kiss until more was to come.
It’s not like we chatted for hours, for months
It’s not as if I finally believed in something real
Or was able to trust fearlessly for the first time.

How could it be like any of these things
When the truth is…
It wasn’t even close to similar;
This is simply
how it was.

But who cares.
It’s not like
I fell in love.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I totally get this poem. u wanna be in denial even though the truth burns. Just to escape the emptiness u feel. we have a lot in common, chic

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