You’ve been waiting on the sunshine
I’ve been looking for the rain
You’re running out of patience
Lost time could never be regained

I’m running out of time now
You don’t wanna wait in vain
Crazy thoughts keep running through my mind now
I guess I’m the one to be blamed

Your love knows no lies,
No limitations
And I know shall I ever need you,
There’ll be no hesitations

Oh, no lie,
You and you alone weh mek me feel alright
Anytime you’re with me, get this feeling inside
Girl, you got me drifting on the realest high

True love waits…
True love waits so will you wait for me, baby?


I see you through rose-colored glasses
But you wear dark shades
You’re hiding from my sunlight
While I bathe in your rain

My love is never-ending
But I have such limited time
With me, there’s no storm coming
Only blue skies and infinite shine

Some would say that I’m a fool
For even sticking this out…
Or maybe truth is, you’re the fool
For not finally figuring things out

So tell me, will you keep me waiting
While you try to guess the forecast?
Don’t let my love set on the horizon
As you let our time pass

True love waits…
True love waits but never wastes its time, baby

Written by Young Fyah & Roz

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