Here are some of my poems from over the years.


I hold you in the warmest parts
of my heart
You stroll the hidden dimensions
of my soul
Our love is dancing
through the depths of my mind,
a twirling kaleidoscope
of moonlight and magic,
glitter falling like stars
on an indigo fabric
Our love stretches spacetime
It infinitely grows
Teasing light
out of the densest black holes

My favorite sunset will always be
when your warm sunrays
dip below my horizon
where one day, I will birth
the most beautiful dawn
And my favorite planet
will soon be Saturn
when you take one of its rings
to put on my left hand
This is our love:
an intergalactic bloom
that knows not of wilting,
born of springtime stardust
A neverending beam
that travels lightyears,
power surging from its source,
the whole universe in awe
of our timeless love.



You’ve been waiting on the sunshine
I’ve been looking for the rain
You’re running out of patience
Lost time could never be regained

I’m running out of time now
You don’t wanna wait in vain
Crazy thoughts keep running through my mind now
I guess I’m the one to be blamed

Your love knows no lies,
No limitations
And I know shall I ever need you,
There’ll be no hesitations

Oh, no lie,
You and you alone weh mek me feel alright
Anytime you’re with me, get this feeling inside
Girl, you got me drifting on the realest high

True love waits…
True love waits so will you wait for me, baby?


I see you through rose-colored glasses
But you wear dark shades
You’re hiding from my sunlight
While I bathe in your rain

My love is never-ending
But I have such limited time
With me, there’s no storm coming
Only blue skies and infinite shine

Some would say that I’m a fool
For even sticking this out…
Or maybe truth is, you’re the fool
For not finally figuring things out

So tell me, will you keep me waiting
While you try to guess the forecast?
Don’t let my love set on the horizon
As you let our time pass

True love waits…
True love waits but never wastes its time, baby

Written by Young Fyah & Roz

Sankofa Love

She had a smile like the sunrise,
Bright and ever-rising
Wide as the horizon,
A light so mesmerizing
Its warm rays flowing up the peaks of her cheeks,
Traveling to the depth of her brows
Then descending into the coast of her eyes:
A heart-shaped path
To where her smile was most alive
A Sankofa to remind us to never forget
To go back to her smile when the world seems dark
To return to her laugh when the silence is too stark
And to recall her many lessons
When moving forward feels too hard

Her laugh was a permeating song
Like an echo in a canyon that you wish would never fade
Like medicinal music,
A salve for the soul
She’s each whisper in the wind
Singing “I will always love you”
She’s the flicker of a flame, the ripple on a lake
She’s in every word we speak,
In every breath we take
Her earth-toned spirit has the purest seeds
So plant them as memories
And turn them into trees,
With her wisdom as branches and her lessons as leaves
Her love in each blossom, her soul in each root:
The more you remember, the more it grows fruit
So although she’s not here, we’ll remember her past
And know that through our memories,
Her love will always last.

To my Aunt Vanessa. With love, always. Sleep in peace.

Hey Bright Soul

Hey, bright soul…yes, you who glows
You with the warm smile and youthful pose
You’re rare and fierce and beautiful
But seems you’ve forgotten; you used to know

Some men may find you a bit too strong
Like unsweetened coffee that’s sipped too long
But if he needs sugar just to tame his tongue
Then you know he’s too weak to brave your storm

Loving you is never an acquired taste
Embracing who you are is a required trait
You should be his choice, not in a line or race
When you put yourself first, you’ll always find your place

He’s the type to come and go, to seek a hiding space
And then come crawling back with a smiling face
So don’t let him slow you down with his tired pace
Just leave him behind; there’s no time to waste

Some men can’t see well, and the worst are blind
So only talk to ones who are worth your time
And don’t dim your light so that he can shine
Because if he’s just right, then he’ll do fine

A real man won’t squint when he meets your gaze
If he wants your luminescence, then he will stay
When staring at you, he won’t bleach or fade
He’ll soak up your rays and never seek the shade

I know you don’t feel valued, I know it hurts
Sometimes love can feel like a hopeless search
But you need strong seeds before you grow the earth
So please don’t forget to know your worth

I know you think you miss the love you felt
But he was just a high, just a drug he dealt
I know I’ve said a lot but if nothing else,
Remember most of all to love yourself

So hey, bright soul…yes, you who glows
You with the warm smile and youthful pose
You’re rare and fierce and beautiful
It’s easy to forget…but now you should know.

Audio version:


For someone who wants no strings attached,
You sure have your strings around me
Like your spider web of silky tricks,
Your strong tentacles surround me
And your 1000-thread count cotton sheets,
With me wrapped in your arms
All this time I thought it was a safety net,
Never thought you’d cause me harm
Why the mind games? Don’t act like a tease
This isn’t love…it’s a lasso
You’re just playing catch and release

You act as if you want me, then disappear
Stick around just long enough to keep me near
But as soon as I break myself free
You throw that fishing hook at me
Wonder how long you’ll keep me on the line
Before you decide to throw me back in
How long will it take me to realize
I’m just a puppet on that string
You know this is torture, just let me go, please…
This isn’t love…it’s a lasso
You’re just playing catch and release

But can’t put all the blame on you
I’m the one falling for your bait
Those sugar-sweet nothings that give me head rushes,
Those strong hands around my waist
You’ve got me in your crosshairs,
A reticle made just for me
How long will you hold my heart hostage?
Why won’t you just let me be?
I’m not a game you can play, not a pet on your leash
This isn’t love…it’s a lasso
You’re just playing catch and release

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