a spider spins a sturdy web
across the distance
between two strong limbs,
angled gently against
the moon’s sultry glow
as each thread glistens
with drops of glitter
from indigo skies.

a dream catcher spun of silver,
a never ending realm
forming interlocked lines of
love and deceit,
each turn a shorter distance
to the labyrinth’s center
only to find upon arrival
that nothing was there.

it is not the sheltered light
trapped inside the arms of lace
or the intricate strings
on this instrument of seduction
that make this sticky canvas
so eerily stitched.

it’s how it hides in the dusk
teased only by warm winds,
twilight creeping into darkness
as it feigns a harmless ripple
its beauty only rivaled
by the soft silhouette
of its prey, whose blind innocence
led her to this false embrace.


  1. Khadi-Ann says:

    seduction is mostly laced with deception, linking it to love. hell hath no fury than a woman deceived. i love it.

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