I could twist and fold my edges
into perfect little creases
Morph into a paper swan,
make one page look like a million pieces
but somehow you’d still see me
for my pure simplicity
I could shift into a crane
and you’d still know that this is me

I could wear all these disguises
to protect myself from life’s surprises
Shift through many shapes and sizes,
but somehow you’d still recognize me…

because you love me through my origami.

Makeup painted on my face,
cherry blossoms in my hair
I’m prettier with all these layers,
but you’ll be here even when they disappear
You love me through my shades and hues,
my crimson reds and baby blues
As time makes outer beauty fade
your love for me will never stray

And even when I’m slightly crazy,
through all my changes, all my phases,
from beta versions to stable releases
you’ll be here to hold and calm me…

because you love me through my origami.

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