Hanging onto your sharp edges
eyes bleeding tears and heart heavy,
I just want to escape
this painful grip

Getting nose bleeds from all this thin air
Clinging to you as if you really care
When you don’t love me enough
to even save me

For a while, I thought I was a little too clingy
Until I realized you were simply too stingy
To possibly love me as much as you love

I’m left a cliffhanger
Gripping this pain
Mounting a zenith that love can’t sustain
I need to let go, fall into the sea
Risk my life so I can be free

But I’m so attached and it’s hard to stop
After such a strenuous climb to the top
Only to find the summit cold
and lonely

And now I’m too jaded to make a descent
Heart frostbitten from all the time spent
Loving a man who’s too preoccupied
to hold me

But I know my strength, I’m still a fighter
I may be broken but I’m a survivor
And soon I will find the will to walk
on firm ground

I’m left a cliffhanger
Loving in vain
Climbing this mountain through thunder and rain
I need to let go, find strength to release
Because loving myself is the way to find peace…

Watch me fly.


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