inner conversations: part one

heart: i can’t believe you really think that you control everything.
mind: what do you mean? i run these parts. i am her thinking engine.
heart: i’d like to see how that matters. she can’t live without a pulse. i provide her with that. there’s no getting around it.
mind: and so what? she may have blood flow, but without me, she’d have no thoughts. no opinions. she’d simply be a sensitive vegetable. would you want to be the heart of a vegetable? i think that would be a science project on evolution worth sharing.
heart: nonsense. truly you don’t think she’s better off without me. i move her through every emotion in life.
mind: so then it is you i must hold responsible for her tirades and tears. thought those were somehow side-effects of her construction. i will curse you the next time some outside force causes you to create an emotion i don’t need to entertain on an otherwise pleasant day.
heart: don’t poke fun at me. i give her a reason to feel. is there something so wrong with feeling things? she has the ability to express herself with me. and what do you do, let her think about art and science and other worldly things?
mind: yes! that is precisely what i do: give her the opportunity to think about whatever she likes. and no, there is nothing wrong with feeling. i’m simply saying that there’s no reason for it.
heart: so are you saying that she doesn’t deserve to be happy? to follow whatever her heart desires? because i’m confused here. please make up your mind about what you are saying.
mind: naturally you are confused. it’s not like you think much. yes, she deserves to be happy, but i can’t stand when she dwells on the negative things. you are nothing more than a nuissance. is beating the only thing you do well?
heart: i think i am sensing signs of frustration. isn’t that an emotion? are you sure that you are a mind? sounds like you are having an identity crisis. it’s okay. embrace your emotions. love your–
mind: don’t push it. that was called sarcasm, not frustration. i’d expect you to know that…if only you knew how to think rationally. but then again, that’s my job. you decide what she wants in life. i figure out how to get them. without me, there’s no end.
heart:you are just upset because you know that she needs me to live. without me, she’d be thoughts with no compassion. insensitive to the world. what kind of human would that create?
mind: a normal one.
heart: …a lacking one.
mind: that is not up to you decide. you just sit there and pump your sappy liquids. i’ll handle the difficult things.
heart: i truly do feel for you. one day, i pray you’ll understand my importance. now hush up. she’s waking.



    i wonder if soul is gonna get in on this conversation… that’s when it gets even deeper

  2. Fabbo says:

    petuitary: I can’t believe that I am not being included in this conversation. Heart and mind don’t realize how much I have to do with it…I send out those hormones that make heart race and confuse the mind. I better get included in the discourse or I won’t keep on providing that natural high.

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