I hold you in the warmest parts
of my heart
You stroll the hidden dimensions
of my soul
Our love is dancing
through the depths of my mind,
a twirling kaleidoscope
of moonlight and magic,
glitter falling like stars
on an indigo fabric
Our love stretches spacetime
It infinitely grows
Teasing light
out of the densest black holes

My favorite sunset will always be
when your warm sunrays
dip below my horizon
where one day, I will birth
the most beautiful dawn
And my favorite planet
will soon be Saturn
when you take one of its rings
to put on my left hand
This is our love:
an intergalactic bloom
that knows not of wilting,
born of springtime stardust
A neverending beam
that travels lightyears,
power surging from its source,
the whole universe in awe
of our timeless love.

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