This “relationship”,
this twisted situation shit,
is more and more becoming like a revolving door
As we walk in and out of each other’s lives,
it’s no surprise that neither of us knows who wants more
Stuck between these wings,
looking through this glass
Staring at each other as we travel through our past,
dancing in circles as we try to compass our future
but the present has us spinning too fast.
‘Round and ’round we go
so close yet so far
chasing each other in counter-clockwise motion
we spin infinitely, always a glass door apart
while one is coming, the other one is going
this cyclical imbalance will never end
until one of us walks in and breaks the trend
but no one wants to be left behind,
and no one wants to wait in vain
so we continue on this melancholy-go-round,
both body and brain are left drained
and my heart can’t keep being bent out of shape
from skating in these painful figure eights
let’s get this straight
and stop going
in circles.


  1. MrMention says:

    great portrayal and characterization of a dismal situation. the beholder would do well to reverse course and avoid the other entirely.

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