Soul Swim

You say I move like water…let me swim in your soul
I want to dive right into you and see how deep you go
My movements are like melodies, the way I ebb and flow
There’s moonlight in my energy, a never-ending glow

You’re like a quiet storm, a river running deep
Calm on the surface but such quiver underneath
You’re a man of the sea with depths so hard to reach
I want to sail your ocean but you’ve kept me on the beach

There’s music in your heart, my hips dance to its beat
Our energy is kindred, we don’t even have to speak
You have basslines in your pulse, I have poems in my palms
So why sit alone in silence when my lyrics match your songs?

I know you want to let me in, so let’s just take it slow
Don’t stop what happens naturally, just try to let it flow
You can only stay afloat when you learn to lose control
You say I move like water…let me swim in your soul


  1. Me again says:

    Not sure why but, this one in particular, I felt like I was reading along to music. I could hear it being sung by Jill Scott or India. Beautiful!

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