Sugar On The Rim

I picture us laying in a cozy cabana
Somewhere down in Rio, Negril or Havana
Or perhaps a small town in Egypt or Ghana
As we sip caipirinhas and eat bananas

A smile like yours could move a nation,
Light up the sky when the moon is fading
Your radiating force is a smooth sensation
Leaving me blinded by your illumination

I imagine how you taste in that chocolate skin
Raw cinnamon with a copper tint
You must have cocoa powder in your melanin,
Pure white sugar in your skeleton

There’s lightning in your touch, stars in your eyes
Midnight in your pupils like the aura in the skies
Please don’t blush, and pardon my surprise
But the salute in your shorts is hard to disguise

Can’t wait to again taste your cherry kiss,
To lick each layer of your sugarcane bliss
Drink your coconut water, savor each sip
Suck your sweet flavor right out the tip

If I put my mouth on you, could you handle it?
I’d devour you down to the mango pit
Ignite your soul until your candle’s lit
Get you high off my caffeine with my candied lips

I taste your warmth as it dissolves on my tongue,
Inhale your essence as it evolves in my lungs
I’m drunk off you like you’re a bottle of rum,
A heat in my middle that’s hotter than suns

I want to swallow your liquor, let you drizzle on my skin
Trace you with my tongue then lick your sugar off the rim
I want to love you ’til your cup runneth over…
Don’t be shy, baby, cometh closer ;)


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