i’m longing for a sense of utter completion,
that kind of full stomach feeling of a meal I can’t digest,
not that I’d complain because having a belly full of that kind of love
would put starvation to the test…
Pharmeceutical companies could bottle your namebrand and sell you as a cure for anorexia
cuz ain’t no way you’d catch me dieting when i’m already overdosed on your prescription,
gaining weight in my cerebrum, under my tongue, in my middle, between my legs…
anywhere, anyplace my body can fit you.
tasting you is sacred
and swallowing you is like having the seeds of the earth travel to the core of my existence
only to plant itself into the warmest parts of my flesh
to sprout into the most beautiful example of life
because when you are inside of me in any kind of way,
I am more alive than during any other momentary peace I can find.
and having that moment, feeling you travel down my middle so warm and smooth
like a shot of Vodka caught on fire on my tongue,
sparkling its flames with fervor down my throat–
those are the split seconds of satisfaction that I crave when i’m without you.
i love when you are so united with my body
that you entangle me in 50 states of confusion
so that i have to retravel my footsteps on a roadmap
that you can retrace a million times with your skills of direction
to the point where I don’t remember where I’ve been or where i’m going
because having you inside of me is the only place i know…
and with your compass pointing north you guide us
to some far away place full of uncharted territory,
but i don’t care where you are going, as long as it is somewhere
inside of me.
and the only thing different between you in me yesterday
and you in me an hour ago and you in me now
is that every time you enter me, you get a little deeper
until deep is just a word that dissolves in the bottomless sphere of your love
and how well it can fulfill me.
i want you inside…need you inside of me
can’t live on my own without your coexistence guiding me
because with you i’m fulfilled…
and to be without you is an incompleteness that i never want to experience.

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