Hey Bright Soul

Hey, bright soul…yes, you who glows
You with the warm smile and youthful pose
You’re rare and fierce and beautiful
But seems you’ve forgotten; you used to know

Some men may find you a bit too strong
Like unsweetened coffee that’s sipped too long
But if he needs sugar just to tame his tongue
Then you know he’s too weak to brave your storm

Loving you is never an acquired taste
Embracing who you are is a required trait
You should be his choice, not in a line or race
When you put yourself first, you’ll always find your place

He’s the type to come and go, to seek a hiding space
And then come crawling back with a smiling face
So don’t let him slow you down with his tired pace
Just leave him behind; there’s no time to waste

Some men can’t see well, and the worst are blind
So only talk to ones who are worth your time
And don’t dim your light so that he can shine
Because if he’s just right, then he’ll do fine

A real man won’t squint when he meets your gaze
If he wants your luminescence, then he will stay
When staring at you, he won’t bleach or fade
He’ll soak up your rays and never seek the shade

I know you don’t feel valued, I know it hurts
Sometimes love can feel like a hopeless search
But you need strong seeds before you grow the earth
So please don’t forget to know your worth

I know you think you miss the love you felt
But he was just a high, just a drug he dealt
I know I’ve said a lot but if nothing else,
Remember most of all to love yourself

So hey, bright soul…yes, you who glows
You with the warm smile and youthful pose
You’re rare and fierce and beautiful
It’s easy to forget…but now you should know.

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  1. Kenya says:

    I wish a lot more women (and men) would read things like this. Building a relationship takes work. Being open about your truths, best qualities and insecurities to another person with very little certainty of whats next is scary. However to the right person our truths, qualities and insecurities can only make them fall in love with us more. Anything less was never worth our time from the beginning.

  2. Bestie says:

    Means the world to see that you wrote this. That you’re remembering your worth. And that you’re sharing this inspiration with other women. It’s so easy to get caught up or downplay ourselves for a man who is undeserving. And nothing I say (or any one, really) can break that spell once it’s cast :( So here’s to seeing you free and continuing to shine! Amazing work as always

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