DST National Convention

Day 1

my flight to philly was at 6:15 am. *sigh* i definitely didn’t sleep last night, and i almost missed my flight. but i made it, wearing my red and white and sporting my black Delta bag. In case you didn’t know, i’m in philly from today till wed. for my sorority’s 48th convention. i got off the plane and thought my luggage was lost, but i found it on some random belt that wasn’t the one specified when i got off the plane. i saw my Soror Sheryl Lee Ralph (my fellow Jamaican, she played mommy on Moesha back in the day) at the airport looking like a diva in her red suit and bright makeup. i wanted to say hi but i punked out lol. so anyway, Deltas are everywhere. in the airport, on the street, in the hotel i’m staying in. I went to get registered today at the Philly Convention Center and i’d never seen so many Deltas in my life! Everyone was SO loving and social. complete strangers were exchanging “hey Soror!”s and warm smiles everywhere they went. it was a complete sea of red and white the entire day. since i’m the delegate for my chapter, i had to sit through some meetings most of the day…but then i got to go to the vendor’s area that is set up in one part of the convention center. the AMOUNT of Delta gear i saw…wooooow….Delta pencils, bags, clothing, earrings, bedspreads, soap holders, notebooks, shoes, car mats, door mats, lamps…EVERYTHING you could imagine had Delta Sigma Theta in or on it somewhere. it was such a beautiful sight :)
philly in general is very old looking, like a city that hasn’t been dusted off in years. but it is beautiful in a rustic scenery kind of way. the buildings are tall, UPenn is right around the corner from my hotel, and the Penn Station just down the street. so far i love Philly and can’t get enough of my sisterly Sorors in this city of Brotherly Love! :)

Day 2
Today was a veeery interesting day. the opening ceremony was in the morning. it was beautiful! all the voting delegates were seated in the front so we got to walk in with an entrance, holding up a sign of our respective chapters. twas nice. ^_^ After that, me and one of my Sorors went to a mall that we found hidden a couple blocks from the convention center. turns out that Macy’s shut down their entire store and had it open just for Deltas, with 15 percent off everything. then i rushed back to the hotel to get ready for the step show, which was AMAZING! lots of my line sisters came to the show and a lot of my prophytes were in the very front row so i spent most of the time in the front taking pics and recording parts of the show (even though I wasn’t supposed to, lol). after the show, we went to Club Delta, which was a party at the Loew’s Hotel. There were lots of bruhs there but mostly Deltas of course. After that, i met a bruh and he told me about a set out party at another bruh’s house so we got some food and then seven of my line sisters and I went with him and his line brother over there. it was cool; there were a lot of people there just socializing. we didn’t get back till 7 in the morning…and i woke up late on Sunday which is why this post is so late lol. so yeah, that was my Saturday! :-)

Days 3 and 4
okay, so on sunday, i slept most of the day because i finally didn’t have any mandatory things to go to. my bruh came over to hang with me for a bit and then my spec and i took a lil tour around philly and i ate my first philly cheesesteak. yum :) that was about it. today (monday) i had to go to another delegate’s meeting, which was cool. then we had a caucus afterwards that i didn’t really want to go to but i was glad i did in the end because it was very informative. then i bought some more para… then i came back to the hotel to get ready for a gala. that was pretty nice too. kelly price performed; she looked so beautiful! her voice is AMAZING. then we came back to the hotel and here I am, updating you :)

Days 5 and 6
okay, so the last two days of the convention were nice. My chapter, Mu Gamma, won COLLEGIATE CHAPTER OF THE YEEEEAR! <3 so yeah, we are DAMN proud of that :). The closing banquet was beautiful. i left thursday morning and flew straight to L.A. to see cousins on my mommy’s side of the fam. it was great seeing them :) i just got back from there today, and i have to be back at work tomorrow morning. *sigh*, even though it was a two week vacation, i haven’t had a day’s rest yet. this weekend, i am vegging out. cuz i deserve it. dammit. ^_^ later!

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