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so i’m 21 now. and upon waking up the next morning (well, the next day because I definitely wasn’t up in the morning) after a successful night of fun at a miami club with my girlz, i realized that it didn’t really make that much of a difference. sure, i can go wherever I want and buy alcohol, but i was already able to get into my favorite clubs and i hardly drink alcohol anyway (unless you count last friday when I decided to get drunk for the mere second time in my life…but hey, i had a reason to celebrate). but it does feel interesting to show my ID to people now and have them look at me with a smile of recognition, some sort of smirk that reads “wow, you are finally legal; i remember those days.” so, other than that, i feel pretty much the same, with a strange yet compelling feeling to be more responsible while remembering to have as much fun as i possibly can. i’m just trying to find a balance between the two. :)

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