It’s funny that the inspiration for this post is actually the result of numerous hours spent on hacking into my phone so that I could get away with not paying for ringtones. I just got a new phone on Sunday, the Verizon “V”, and let me be the first to tell you that this phone has brought SO much joy to my life. So much, in fact, that I find myself getting excited with every phone call because I love being able to hear a REAL song play instead of cheap polyphonic imitations of the real thing. So being the computer nerd that I am, I found a way to transfer real tones to my phone. As a result, I have a beautiful collection of 30 songs that represent, in some form or another, the most important people in my life. It wasn’t, however, until I started setting everyone’s personal rings that I realized how I subconsciously have been placing everyone in my life into a certain box. Let me not discuss how I’m able to place everyone into groups (such as associates, family, Sorors, colleages, etc.). That categorizes people enough. But something as personal as giving someone their *own* ringtone so that I know exactly who’s calling the moment my phone makes noise…well that’s something serious on its own. I found myself giving certain people the most beautiful ringtones, and it wasn’t until I caught myself deciding who deserved what song that I realized that certain people mean much more to me than i realized. The reason I am writing this post today is because I’ve realized that I tend to take for granted the people that I care about. Truth be told, I am used to having my own way, and when I don’t get it, all hell breaks lose. I didn’t realize until last night that I may have just lost the one friend who is capable of putting me in my place…and I didn’t realize it until he did so. Thus, I’m sitting here, looking at the ringtone that I gave him, and realizing that I probably will never hear that song play because he’ll probably never call again. The result? Well, I feel like crap and it’s spreading through my entire existence. I don’t even know how I’m writing coherent sentences right now (must be the innate English Major in me). Either way, now I’m reevaluating the importance of these ringtones…because it seems that although we may get excited to apply a nice, suitable song to those who are most important to us, it is even more important to value that person for their friendship and undying devotion to you, whether they be a sibling, friend, or lover. I took something for granted last night. And as a result, I lost it.

And all I have to remind me of this are some pretty ringtones.

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