Words With Friends madness

Words With Friends - I kicked a$$! lol

I’m slowly becoming addicted to more games as time passes. Poker, pool, chess, and now Words With Friends (which is really just a bootleg version of Scrabble, my favorite board game alongside chess). I’ve been playing this game on my iPhone for the last couple of months and have only lost 2 out of maybe 60 or so games. My friends Ryan and Warren both beat me once (sad moments. sigh). However, I have yet to be conquered by anyone else. Ryan hasn’t beat me since then, and I haven’t replayed Warren yet (my ego was wounded after that game, lol). But for any other instance, I murder my opponents in the game. Note the image in this post. My score was 600; his was 224. I didn’t even get to finish the game because he resigned. I probably would’ve ended up with 640 or so. Most people score in the mid-300 range by the time the game is over. I’m usually in the 400 range. I think this is my best score so far. I’ve been accused of cheating numerous times. It gets annoying after a while, actually. I’m looking for some competition! Sure, I majored in English so I’m not the easiest person in the world to play against, but c’mon! Push yourselves! lol! My username is rozmichelle. Bring it!!! ;)

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