My new toy!

Guitarist in the making!

I’ve made yet another random purchase! I figure hey, since I’m in California with this easy-going lifestyle, why not live like a Californian? Soooo…I bought a guitar! I’ve always wanted to learn and I figure now is the best time to do it. It’s my summer project! I think it’s such a beautiful instrument, in all its flavors. I bought an acoustic one, a G series Takamine. It plays beautifully! I got it at Guitar Center and have been learning loads on youTube. I started taking lessons too and my instructor swears I’ve played the guitar before. lol. He can’t believe how quickly I’m catching on. But when I put my mind to something…it’s a wrap…

I know a bunch of chords and have been playing along to songs I hear. I’m trying to pick up the chords as I hear them, which is really good practice for me. I can’t wait till I’m badass on this instrument. Then maybe I can write some cute songs! I’m SO excited!!! I convinced my mom to get a guitar too since she has always wanted to learn as well.

Being able to play the piano definitely helps a lot. I already know music theory and can pick up melodies and notes pretty well. The hardest part about the guitar is holding the chords; my poor fingers on my left hand were SO sore the first couple weeks I started playing. By week three, they were so numb that I couldn’t even feel them when I touched something. They’d just tingle. Now they are tougher and don’t hurt so bad. The saddest part was having to cut my nails since I have to press down pretty firmly to get the notes to ring true. Sigh. I feel like I lost part of my womanhood. Lol. Sacrifices in the name of music!!!

I’ll keep ya guys posted with my progress. I can play a couple songs so far. I’m learning Redemption Song (of course), Just My Imagination, Bohemian Rhapsody, a few Beatles songs…a bunch of stuff!!! I can’t get enough! The coolest thing is I’ve been introduced to SO much amazing music. It’s like I’ve discovered rock n’ roll for the first time. I LOVE THIS STUFF! Queen, The Byrds, The Archies, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Rolling Stones…..I NEED IT IN MY LIFE! I feel like a rockstar!!! :D

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