…ok. so it’s been a while…only 6 months but who’s counting? i apologize for not updating this in a while, so here it goes: my life in the last 6 months. My last post was in December as you can see…I went to Jamaica at the end of winter break in January and then came home for a few days before heading back to Cornell. At the beginning of the semester, I was focused on my schoolwork and praying to God that I’d make line for DST…and behold! I made it. Next step: survive! so…um yeah…without going into detail, i was online for a long-azz time and was from that point until April 30th cut off from the normal world. After we crossed, I focused on finals and then flew home and started my job at AgencyNet…which brings me here three weeks later :-). So yes. Now it is june and i have all the time I need to keep this thing up2date. So rewelcome me, cuz i’m back!!!! :)

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