…I think only I could wake up one morning and manage to successfully run into my mirrored closet door without knowing fully what happened. The result of this escapade? A bloody lip that I didn’t notice until I figured out exactly why I was in pain when I instinctively ran to the bathroom mirror. So there I am with a gash inside my lip, and five minutes later, without the aid of the ice I tried to console it with, the left side of my upper lip beautifully swoll into something twice its size.
So after beating myself up about how I managed to wake up this morning without actually fully waking up, and after branding myself the Ultimate Clutz of the Century for not even remembering what the hell I was doing at the damn closet in the first place, I continued to ice my new lip for the rest of the day. Not that it mattered because then I was told that ice only stops it from swelling more, it doesn’t help it go down. So now I will have to hide from the world while it heals, which will probably take the rest of the week given its size. If I get caught in the street, people might start thinking I was abused. Lord knows I don’t need that. *sigh*. So that, in a nutshell, was the highlight of the weekend. Pray for me :(


  1. Anonymous says:

    aw poor ms cyrus. consider urself prayed for. only not so much for your lip cuz i find that tale mildly amusin..

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