Therapy session #1

I had my first therapy session for my back today. It was cool for the most part but I left feeling a bit sore. My trainer asked me, “How does that feel?” as he attempted to rub kinks out of my back. I replied, “Annoying.” He got a good laugh out of it and said he hadn’t heard that one in a while. Okay, dude. Keep hurtin’ me and you’ll hear even harsher adjectives. X* He was very cool though. I learned some stretching and exercise techniques that are safe enough under his supervision but I’d probably be a threat to myself if I attempted some of them on my own. lol.

I’ll be going to therapy three times a week. I go again tomorrow and hopefully I won’t be so sore. I really need to get my back in order!


  1. rozm!chelle says:

    LOL! I think with you as a witness, I most recently hit myself in the eyeball when I tried to reach for something on my dresser. Am i remembering this correctly?

    With no witnesses around, I scraped my cheek over the weekend. I can’t remember how this happened, but I’m pretty sure it involved me trying to get a t-shirt over my head. sigh.

  2. rozm!chelle says:

    lol! i know right! I’m trying to remember my most embarrassing moments. like when that chair broke underneath me at the Uj picnic in front of eeeveryone. lol! :) miss u more!

  3. Keri Truitt says:

    Remembering some of our more clumsy antics from college, I totally see how u could be a threat to urself LMAO but i hav full confidence that ur back will be back to normal in no time. Miss u much!

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