inner conversations: part three

mind: Heart?
heart: …
mind: …I presume you aren’t speaking to me today.
heart: …
mind: You have got to stop carrying on this way. I can’t take your bouts of sadness. Really, it’s depressing. And you know that the mind can only endure so much.
heart: This isn’t about you. It’s about her. She’s sad. I can’t help but feel it in my deepest chambers.
mind: I’m going to force you to stop agonizing over things that are out of her, your, and my control. What’s done is done. Que sera, sera. Get over it.
heart: …Get over it? It’s your job to get over it. It’s my job to feel it. And right now, I’m feeling it. I’m swelling with pain. What do they call it, again? When this happens to me? Right. Heartbroken. How fitting an adjective. I don’t hear anyone saying mindbroken. Are you mindbroken, my dear companion?
mind: The mind is never broken. Confused, perhaps, or weary, but never broken. I am not a bone, and neither are you. Get it together. This, too, shall pass.
heart: Fine. Then she’s heart torn. Heart shredded. Heart–
mind: Please, stop being so pathetic. And miserable. What you feel causes me to have distracting thoughts. I can’t help her sleep, or work, or function like the normal human being she’s struggling to be. Because of you, I have an overload of thoughts flurrying about. You aren’t helping the situation.
heart: It’s not my job to make your life easier. It’s my job to represent her emotions to the best of my ability. And I feel for her. Deeply. She’s hurt in a way I’ve never seen. How are you going to clear her head so she can stop feeling my woes?
mind: Maybe if you’d concentrate on getting oxygen to the rest of the body, I could sort something out. Just relax. I’m going to find a solution. I’ve got to block you out now, Heart. I’m sorry, but feeling emotions is only making it worse for her. I’ve got to keep her rational.
heart: Block me out? You think blocking me out is the answer?! She needs me! She needs to remember what it’s like to smile, laugh, and cry! I won’t let you turn her into a heartless sap!
mind: What choice do you have? It is my call. I’m the decision maker. And I say, from now on she will focus only on what’s important. Crying herself to sleep every other night doesn’t do her any good. I must save her from you. She has plenty of work to get done and I won’t allow her to fall behind–
heart: There’s no way. I won’t allow it. She needs me. She wants me. She’s sad now, but it will pass. I will help her through this. Not you. You will only make her numb.
mind: How about you come off her sleeve and jump back in her chest where you belong. It’s because of your ignorance that she’s wounded in the first place.
heart: This isn’t over, Mind. I won’t let you take away her sensitivity to life.
mind: Just keep pumping red liquids, Heart. Leave the hard stuff to me.


  1. Aunt Kennita says:

    WOW!!! How amazing,insightful,thoughtful, sensitive and wise. You made me laugh out loud…pause and think…your words touched my heart. You are wise beyond your years. You are absolutely incredible!

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