inner conversations: part two

heart: it’s all your fault.
mind: …i pray that you aren’t actually blaming me so early in the morning.
heart: you are the one who gave her a headache in the middle of the night.
mind: i had nothing to do with it. trust me, it affected me before it affected you.
heart: well, all i know is that she took 2 red pills and i’m sure you had a part in it.
mind: …it’s called aspirin. and seeing as to how this bodily fluid is your lifeline, i guess i’d have you to blame if she somehow happens to cut herself and is unable to clot properly. that would be an open wound with your name written all over it.
heart: you cannot blame me for that. blame the aspirin. that is the man-made substance that you should direct your accusations toward. i’m merely the victim here.
mind: and i suppose that i shouldn’t even think of her as the victim because it’s all about you. Heart, Heart, Heart. it’s all about Heart.
heart: of course not. it’s just that whatever she is a victim of, i feel the results and become a victim too.
mind: so what you are essentially saying is that you are a victim by default. a derivative of a victim. 20% of a victim, after you rule out the other body parts that the emotions she suffers from must travel through before it gets to you.
heart: i’m no partial victim! everything she feels, i feel it fully, if not more so! i’m the one who hurts for her! all you do is think about the pain she experiences. i’m the one who has to endure it!
mind: save it. pain is simply weakness leaving the body. maybe i should hope for her injury so that you’d be pained to the point of leaving her completely. that way, she’d be sane without the hindrance of a whining chamber.
heart: how can you wish injury upon her?! she is everything that matters to me, and you should feel the same way. how could you say such a thing! i will call Soul on you and trust me, that is not someone you want to debate with under these–
mind: don’t you dare. Soul needs not interfere with these matters. Jeez, Heart, you really need to relax. You are turning even redder in the face.
heart: i hope you know that i intend to put you in your place. i won’t have you making threats about her. she’s such an important part of my world.
mind: and of mine too. what makes you think i don’t care about her? i think she’s wonderful. she doesn’t make a nutcase out of me like most other people do to their Minds.
heart: i love her. do you love her?
mind: …love is such a…a strong word. i am satisfied with her. complacent to completion. nothing more, nothing less. she doesn’t drive me crazy, although she always keeps me busy. but i have no reason to complain. and stop claiming her as if she’s your own.
heart: the strongest emotions can be summed up in one word or none at all. if it’s not love, then don’t call it anything.
mind: that, my throbbing friend, is a conversation for another day. she’s about to take a test. she’ll be needing me now.


  1. Anonymous says:

    i read some of your notes…they are original and deep! you should consider being a writer…i’d surely give you a book deal if i had a publishing company…

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