Everyday People

I feel like the whole world has something to say about my actions and decisions. But why is this? Why can’t a young lady who is trying to be beautiful while striving for success, appreciation, respect, love, truth, and whatever else she desires in life just live in peace with out the nonsense, the criticism, the hassle, the badgering, the headache? And why do these words even exist? I mean, I know that in life, for every positive thing in this world, there is a negative. Fine. You want me to accept that? Well it is accepted, and has been for a while now. I am the simple kind of girl with a complicated mind. I do not require a lot; my lifestyle does not call for wealth and riches, but if these things happen to land in my lap, then understand that I will handle these perks responsibly :). I like, to put it simply, the simple things in life. I like coming up with quotes and eating macaroni and cheese and daydreaming and cuddling and painting my toenails a pretty little pink or a ferocious red. I enjoy leaving a big footprint in the minds of those I speak with, I look forward to rubbing warm the hearts of those who I pass by, and I take pride in knowing that the reason someone is smiling is because I was courteous enough to show them how high the edge of my lips can curve. Why is this? Well, why is it necessary that I have a reason? Because I want to. That is enough of a reason for me. So why are you bothering me about it?

But I have recently come to a conclusion. Or, rather, a conclusion that concludes my confusion and preludes my enlightenment about what I will call Everyday People. Now understand, Everyday People includes and generalizes the population as a whole, not people as individuals. There is a difference. These Everyday People today are too caught up in themselves, too wrapped up in the blanket of what they are doing to see what evolves around them or to take enough of a deep breath to care. Everyday People are naturally self-centered. Everything, since birth, becomes about us. About We as individuals, rather than We as a people. I am simply saying that people don’t really care about you because it takes concentration or some sort of attraction to care about people. Why do you care about your brother or sister? Is it because it is assumed that you care about them, or implied that you should care about them? No. You care about them because you love them, and/or you respect them, and/or since you have lived with them for a good part of your life, you grew to care for them. And Care in this case can be replaced with the word Love. Love, although complex on many levels, works generally the same way. Do you wake up in the morning and just decide to love someone? No—at least I would hope not. Because love is not a fleeting emotion, such as anger or sadness. You can cry at the end of a movie—whether those tears are falling from your eyes out of depression or joy—but afterwards you will most likely return to your normal cheerful/bitter/nonchalant or whatever kind of mood that you find yourself in most of your days. Love is learned, it is a process, a step-by-step flight upward and sometimes a free-fall tumble downward. In either direction, Love is meant to be and should be a pleasant experience. But, back to my basic statement of simplicity, Love does have its ups and downs, its positives and negatives. But don’t allow me to get into my discussion about love. I don’t feel like handing out free headaches today.

I am reevaluating myself. Difficult? Yes. Impossible? Certainly not, as far as I am concerned. I was always a stubborn one anyway. So continuing, I just want to fill all those gaps. I am going through all the people in my life and trying to figure out who is a member of Everyday People.

Are you?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    True words spoken from the heart……from the blogs, to the poetry and then the art…is there anything you can’t do….SUPERWOMAN if you ask me…..somebody wife her up already

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