Here are some of my poems from over the years.

Kingdom Come

Your warm tongue feels like Sahara winds
whispering across the sand dunes of my skin,
leaving streaks of gold along my curves
gilding my body with your silent words.
Your soft mouth traces a path to my oasis,
where water flows deep in a calm fury,
a quiet storm
for a king to rule.

I can tell that you’re royalty
from every inch
of your highness…
Gods must be made in your likeness.
You’re a perfectly chiseled monolith,
from the grooves of your abs
to your obelisk
Your hands want to know how my pyramids were made
My land is holy ground, but I’ll be your slave
You crave my Nile, so deep and narrow
I’ll be your Egypt
if you’ll be
my Pharaoh

I taste the midnight of your skin,
dark and smooth, obsidian
My lips drizzle rain across your terrain
leaving constellations on your frame
I can see every star twinkle in Orion
as your sun rises above my horizon
The moon is full, your tide grows high,
your passion is near its peak
as your silver waters wait to breach
the shores
of your black sand beach.

The only crown you need is between my hips
A diamond mine with velvet lips,
come feel how well it fits.
Can’t wait to wrap my legs around you
and sit on your throne
hear each royal sigh, every regal moan
as I wait for you to reign
all over my body
as you become your majesty,
king of the Ashanti
Because only a queen can make your river run
Our souls immortalized
as I feel
your kingdom come.


His love seemed pure like streams of light
straining her pupils, so clean and white
Pristine, serene
like a dawn sunbeam
but nothing so perfect can be what it seems
His light made a long journey,
passing through time
conquering mediums along angled lines
it turned a corner, not knowing it would find
a love in her so seraphic and divine
Her light was complementary, a balance to his past
no darkness could extinguish their happiness, their laughs
But it’s not always darkness that awakens love’s wrath:
it takes light against an object
to make its shadow cast
He loved her with his soul,
but impurities are darts
that strike bullseyes in the toughest hearts
Their love was epic
but his heart had something hidden
a closer look would show that his light struck a prism
It refracted his love into fragmented visions,
pure love stripped to pieces,
escaping from a triangular prison
as painful as it was to see his true colors disperse
she realized that his flaws
could never tarnish his worth
No matter how much guilt and betrayal was in his spectrum,
nothing could stop her
from loving his imperfection
He was too weak to move the prism,
stayed on one side of the glass
hiding his white light
and leaving colors in her path
his tainted love, the residual stains
left rings on her heart to remember the pain
like the arched bow the sky casts after it rains,
her memory of white light is all that remains.

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I could twist and fold my edges
into perfect little creases
Morph into a paper swan,
make one page look like a million pieces
but somehow you’d still see me
for my pure simplicity
I could shift into a crane
and you’d still know that this is me

I could wear all these disguises
to protect myself from life’s surprises
Shift through many shapes and sizes,
but somehow you’d still recognize me…

because you love me through my origami.

Makeup painted on my face,
cherry blossoms in my hair
I’m prettier with all these layers,
but you’ll be here even when they disappear
You love me through my shades and hues,
my crimson reds and baby blues
As time makes outer beauty fade
your love for me will never stray

And even when I’m slightly crazy,
through all my changes, all my phases,
from beta versions to stable releases
you’ll be here to hold and calm me…

because you love me through my origami.

Sugar On The Rim

I picture us laying in a cozy cabana
Somewhere down in Rio, Negril or Havana
Or perhaps a small town in Egypt or Ghana
As we sip caipirinhas and eat bananas

A smile like yours could move a nation,
Light up the sky when the moon is fading
Your radiating force is a smooth sensation
Leaving me blinded by your illumination

I imagine how you taste in that chocolate skin
Raw cinnamon with a copper tint
You must have cocoa powder in your melanin,
Pure white sugar in your skeleton

There’s lightning in your touch, stars in your eyes
Midnight in your pupils like the aura in the skies
Please don’t blush, and pardon my surprise
But the salute in your shorts is hard to disguise

Can’t wait to again taste your cherry kiss,
To lick each layer of your sugarcane bliss
Drink your coconut water, savor each sip
Suck your sweet flavor right out the tip

If I put my mouth on you, could you handle it?
I’d devour you down to the mango pit
Ignite your soul until your candle’s lit
Get you high off my caffeine with my candied lips

I taste your warmth as it dissolves on my tongue,
Inhale your essence as it evolves in my lungs
I’m drunk off you like you’re a bottle of rum,
A heat in my middle that’s hotter than suns

I want to swallow your liquor, let you drizzle on my skin
Trace you with my tongue then lick your sugar off the rim
I want to love you ’til your cup runneth over…
Don’t be shy, baby, cometh closer ;)


Hanging onto your sharp edges
eyes bleeding tears and heart heavy,
I just want to escape
this painful grip

Getting nose bleeds from all this thin air
Clinging to you as if you really care
When you don’t love me enough
to even save me

For a while, I thought I was a little too clingy
Until I realized you were simply too stingy
To possibly love me as much as you love

I’m left a cliffhanger
Gripping this pain
Mounting a zenith that love can’t sustain
I need to let go, fall into the sea
Risk my life so I can be free

But I’m so attached and it’s hard to stop
After such a strenuous climb to the top
Only to find the summit cold
and lonely

And now I’m too jaded to make a descent
Heart frostbitten from all the time spent
Loving a man who’s too preoccupied
to hold me

But I know my strength, I’m still a fighter
I may be broken but I’m a survivor
And soon I will find the will to walk
on firm ground

I’m left a cliffhanger
Loving in vain
Climbing this mountain through thunder and rain
I need to let go, find strength to release
Because loving myself is the way to find peace…

Watch me fly.