"Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear." - George Addair

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On this site, you will find all kinds of creative outlets, with topics including poetry, travel, design, and development. I like to think of my site as a diverse representation of me as I strive to master self-understanding. I started this website in 2005 and it continues to be a source of expression for me as I design, write, cook, and code my way through life. I hope you enjoy the journey!

Thank you so much for being here, and please sign my guestbook or send me a message if you are inspired by this site in any way.

Introduction to Game Theory: An Analysis of My iPhone Game

Enter MentalBlocker: my first game app and second iPhone app to be published on the App Store (my first is YumTum, a recipe manager). It was a game concept that I came up with two years ago, but this summer, I finally felt equipped with the right tools and knowledge to design and develop the game. The motivation behind the game is simple: to create a game that challenges a player's memory and problem-solving skills. The game has four modes, all of which have two things in common: a grid of tiles and blocks.

My Love Affair with Havana

There is a sleepy haze around Havana, one that makes you want to fall into a deep slumber filled with dreams about the Spanish colonial buildings, graffiti-lined alleys and classic old cars. Havana is definitively feminine, a woman who knows the power of her charms, beautiful albeit damaged, untouched in some places and scarred in others. She seduced me the moment I stepped out of the airport, with the sun and humid air as her accomplices. She is like a glass of her own rum: dark, smooth, going down warm and staying with you long after your first taste. Intoxication comes easily in this city, more so for me in the mental rather than physical form, as Havana takes pieces of your soul while you sleepwalk through her streets. She is at the same time tranquil and vibrant, a spectrum of colors smeared on a canvas by carefree hands and yet still nothing short of a masterpiece if you don't stare too deeply into the surface. It didn't take long to fall under her spell.

Probability: Finding The Expectation and Variance of Runs

Last week, I completed a summer course at Stanford: CS109, Probability for Computer Scientists. This 8-week long class was intense and challenging but one of the most rewarding classes I've taken at Stanford so far. A few weeks ago, I had an idea for a homework problem but I couldn't quite figure out how to implement the idea. The problem is the following: Below are two sequences of 300 “coin flips” (H for heads, T for tails). One of these is a true sequence of 300 independent flips of a fair coin. The other was generated by a person typing out H’s and T’s and trying to seem random. Which sequence is the true sequence of coin flips? Make an argument that is justified with probabilities calculated on the sequences. Both sequences have 148 heads, two less than the expected number for a 0.5 probability of heads.