Leave me some love here. Much appreciated. :)

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  1. Chin says:

    Wow, website is still up and running! Nice! I do miss the portfolio section with the artwork but like the refresh! Keep being amazing Roz!

  2. Courtney Bryan says:

    Yes I’ve checked out your blog. Based on those photos you do live quite the active lifestyle and I enjoyed the poetry as well…but recovering from a cold with a Twilight marathon, that’s just not kosher.

  3. Laverne says:

    Wow you are amazing I found you on flickr and speechless on you beauty, food, everything!!! I would love to be a friend!!! =)

  4. Aunt Michelle says:

    Sometimes I am in awe as to just how talented you are. Somewhere on the horizon is this dream I have of you sharing this god given talent with the world.
    Love you always!

  5. Al Doz says:

    If intelligence were a substance… and you were its pot, there obviously would be a great deal of boiling over and spilling on the stovetop!