Designing my personal logo

Project Overview

Recently, I decided that I needed a way to brand myself with a logo that would best encompass my love for design and development. I’ll walk you through how I came up with the design.

My Goals

I knew that I wanted to use the same color palette from my website (purple, green, and cool grays). I also knew that a tree would be an excellent way to represent design and development in one metaphor: the roots are the lifeline of the tree and would be represented as a tree data structure to show my love for computer science, whereas the root node of the tree would grow into a trunk that would branch off into organic-looking branches that represent my creative side. A quote by Ernest Dimnet also captures the essence of my idea very well: “Ideas are the root of creation”.

Initial Sketch

I drew out several tree designs but ultimately loved the one shown below the best. Once I committed to the idea, I created the logo in Illustrator.

End Results

I intentionally created the logo so that it would have a center node (the starting node of the roots) and then the same number of “fruit” nodes as “root” nodes. I thought this was a good way to metaphorically represent a balance between design and development. I am very pleased with the simplicity yet depth of my logo. I added it to my resume and personal business cards to complete my brand.