The Photo Shoot

I’ve been doing a lot of random things lately, including buying an Xbox and most recently modeling for a photo shoot this past weekend. I don’t know what made me actually do it, since I’d talked about doing it for years but never had the courage, but I decided to call up my friend Greg, a photographer, and make magic happen. I went to the mall Friday to buy the bikinis, shoes and accessories and paired everything with random items in my closet. I was pretty happy with the outfits I chose. The fun part was taking the pics…It took a while to get used to posing since I’d never done a shoot before but I got the hang of it after a while. The trickiest part is adjusting my facial expressions. But all in all, I was happy with the pics…Greg did a fantastic job. Check out his work at I tried to capture everything from classy to sexy, at least to the best of my ability, lol. I might do more photo shoots, who knows…it’s definitely fun…but I don’t think I’d take it much further than that!

We took some pics by Fort Lauderdale beach and some on Dania Beach. The rest were taken in Greg’s studio. The annoying part was going through all the pics and deleting the ones that I didn’t like. We shot from 4pm to around midnight on Saturday, and ended up staying awake all night to pick the good ones. We ended up with HUNDREDS of pics and cut them down to about 150 solid shots. From there, I narrowed it down to about 20 that I really love. Then I spent the last few days editing the photos. I had fun editing/enhancing them, playing with different filters and lighting effects. Greg helped me with a couple too. Time consuming but well worth it.

Dominique Rose definitely surfaced in a LOT of these pics. I had some that I can’t even post because they are a bit too edgy (although I avoided taking nude pictures). I’ll just have to keep those for myself. lol. :) I showed my mom the pics and she actually LIKED ’em! I thought she was going to be against me taking model pics, since she’s always had me focusing on brains over beauty pretty much all my life (and nothing wrong with that)…but it was nice to have her approval. :)

I really have to thank my friend Jordan…he is the one who reeeeally pushed me to do this….I wouldn’t have taken the pics so soon if he didn’t encourage me. He’s hard on me but I think it’s all out of love. :) I’ve been insecure about a lot of things for years now…and finally I feel confident about myself, flaws and all. My car accident really pushed me to appreciate the SIMPLE things, considering how close I came to having so many things altered. I actually feel beautiful inside and out. I think it took me breaking my back last year to finally do some of the things I’ve always talked about but never actually accomplished. So here it is…2011 is truly about me LIVING life, and not just getting through it. Sigh. Hate to be cliche, but it’s so true.

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